The Used car market is definitely booming in Malaysia due to increased cost of living

The Used or 2nd hand car market is booming in Malaysia due to the increased cost of living and thus higher demand for used cars. If you find yourself looking to sell your car, it’s useful to note that the resale value of your car would depend on its popularity, brand, and maintenance costs among many other factors.

In general, your car depreciates between 20 ~ 30 percent for local and continental cars respectively, this is, however, an estimation based on mileage and other related factors . Here are the notes on the top 5 selling cars from the last 4 to 5 years in Malaysia that has retained the best resale value.

 Perodua MYVI, 2013 - ( Retained value 66% )
The Perodua Myvi replaced the Kancil and Kelisa as the staple car in Malaysia, making it the best-selling compact car since year 2006. Despite being a compact car, this 5-door hatchback has a spacious interior and good endurance. It sold for RM $45000 in year 2013 and you can still get RM $29500 for a 1.3 litre engine Myvi, depending on its' condition.

 Honda City, 2013 – ( Retained Value 56%)
The young working professionals in Malaysia are going for the sporty look of Japan's Honda City, catapulting it to become the active urban dweller’s preferred car. This fuel saving car boasts a spacious backseat and offers ample legroom was going for RM 85 000 on average in 2013 and can even fetch up to RM $47600 today.

 Toyota Vios, 2013 – (Retained Value 65%)
A close competitor to Honda City is Toyota Vios, a sleek and stylish sedan that has quickly became another Malaysian top favourite. The Vios was liked for its timeless design, fuel efficency and reliability. Taking the market by storm in year 2002, the average price of a Vios in year 2013 was RM $85000, today it can still fetch up to RM $54 900. 

Nissan Grand Livina, 2014 – (Retained Value 60%)
If you love going on road trips or need to move more than 5 people around at a time, this compact MVP can comfortably seat 5 adults and 2 kids. The backseat can be easily turned down for extra storage space too. Adding to the appeal is the smooth drive, quiet engine, and fuel efficiency. In the year 2014, a brand new Livina would cost an average RM $90 000 it can still sell for up to RM $54 200.

 Proton Persona, 2012 - ( Retained Value 47% )
With a solid body, easy maintenance, huge car boot and raving reviews from the past and present owners on the car’s superb handling especially at high speeds and corners, The Proton Persona is another favourite in the Malaysia car market. The year 2012 model was going for RM $45 000 when it came out and can fetch up to RM $21 000 today.

Looking for more information on used cars in malaysia ? Read our professional tips on how to keep your car engine running longer, or   basic modifications to increase its value. When you are ready to sell, try established used cars live bidding web portal to get the best price for your car.

P.S : The above is based on results on year 2017 via site Auction portal operating in malaysia . Prices reported were based on the average sale prices in the year that was mentioned.